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Posted on 08/22/2023
This is the image for the news article titled Conifer Q&AWhat is the cell phone policy at Conifer?
In order to help students focus on their learning, all students are expected to have cell phones out of sight at all times during class.

What is the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up at Conifer?
As our students and staff return to school, we always experience a significant
increase in our morning and afternoon traffic flow. To help keep traffic moving
through the front circle and bus circle, please pull forward so that ALL parents
can drop-off and pick-up their child. If your child is logging their driving hours by
driving to school in the morning , please pull all the way to the end of the circle
to exchange drivers or consider exchanging drivers in another location. We are
working to make sure the traffic light is functioning for our new school
schedule. Thank you for your patience!

What is the difference between Lobo Lab and Lobo Loop?
For a multitude of reasons, we have designed a new approach to our traditional
“Seminar” period. To increase productive use of time, we split the period into
two distinct segments.
LAB, (55 mins) will be a responsive scheduling period on Green days following
Period 1. Responsive scheduling allows teachers to require specific students for
the day or week, while allowing students to choose from a variety of options if
they are not identified as needing additional support. This approach is a new
dynamic method that allows us to direct students to subjects/teachers they
need the most support with, while allowing choice in their own schedule.
Students will be trained in how to interact with the responsive scheduling tool
on Infinite Campus at the start of the year. Parents, please know these
modifications create more accountability, safety, and effectiveness within our
intervention system. For more information on responsive scheduling, please
click HERE
LOOP, (35 mins) will be held at the end of our Green days, and will not be a
responsive scheduling period. In contrast, students will be assigned to a LOOP
teacher for the entirety of their time at CHS.(teachers will “loop” with their
students) This period will be utilized for social-emotional learning lessons,
completing make-up work, executive functioning skill building, athletic
dismissals, and other special events. Please do not excuse your student from
LOOP as it is an academic part of the school day.

When can I get my parking pass if I'm a Junior and Senior?
Seniors may begin picking up their parking passes from security staff on
Monday, August 21st. Juniors will start Wednesday August 24th. Please
ensure that the students have filled out all the information in the parking
response form and have paid. Passes will not be assigned during class
periods. Security staff will be available before school, during lunch, and
the morning of late starts.
The parking passes fee will be $125 for the school year and prorated
based on when the parking pass is purchased.
Sophomores need to meet with Eric Kragel to complete their parking pass

What if a parent needs to visit campus or release a student early?
We love our parents and appreciate your support! If you need to visit the
school to meet with a teacher, counselor or administrator, please schedule
an appointment prior to arriving at school. When you arrive, please show
the campus supervisor at the security desk and email confirmation of the
appointment. Thank you for your support of our safety and security
Main Office: 303-982-5255
Counseling Center: 202-982-5249
Clinic: 303-982-5230
Financial: 303-982-5238
Attendance: 303-982-5240
When excusing a student for an appointment, please notify the
attendance office at least two hours (or day before) about the
appointment. We will write a pass for the student and they should sign
out in the main office and can meet you in the circle. If they return, have
them sign back in so we can record the attendance properly.

What is the Jeffco Code of Conduct?
If high expectations are to be for academic achievement, it is clear that
behavior expectations be adopted as well. Our goal is to create a culture
of honor and respect that is consistent from classroom to classroom and
can be carried over into the community. It is the goal of our school for
behavior expectations to stand with academic standards to create a total
learning environment for all students. Please visit the Jefferson County
Public Schools Code of Conduct website (Code of Conduct) to review and
better understand the policies regarding student conduct.
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