Dress Code

Conifer Dress Code
Responsibility for the dress and appearance of students generally rests with individual students and their families. Students may wish to express themselves by the manner of their dress and appearance; however, students shall not wear clothing or affect an appearance at school or school-sanctioned activities or events that is or may be disruptive to the educational environment. Conifer High School and the Jeffco Public Schools encourage students follow expectations for attire that are intended to help students focus on schoolwork, reduce discipline problems, and improve school order and safety. 
Disciplinary action for violation of the student dress code includes notifying the student of the violation and a requirement that the dress or appearance be corrected before the student reenters the classroom, school environment, and/or school-sanctioned activity or event. At the discretion of the Conifer High School administrator, a family conference may be held. More serious consequences may result from repeated or serious violations. 
For additional information, please refer to the following district policies: 
• District Policy JICA, Student Dress Code 
• District Policy JICA-R, Adoption of School Uniforms 
• District Policy JI, Student Rights and Responsibilities 
• District Policy JICF, Secret Societies/Gang Activity and Dress
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